Born to Run

Words by Matt Willis

Jorge Ferrin’s WRX is a car that many of you have probably seen at one time or another. Whether it be around the streets of San Diego or on the southwestern show circuit, this car has been kicking ass and taking names for some time. It’s unique body, aggressive form and wealthy list of modifications make it one of the most popular attractions,  if not a top contender, in nearly every show. It easily makes my list of all-time favorites as well…

He got this WRX directly from Japan back in April of ’01. Yep, 2001. “But wait, it’s a hawkeye body…”. Look closely and you’ll see that it is indeed an ’01-spec, with a well-crafted ’07 front- and rear-end conversion. To a non-Subaru owner, it’s a bit tricky to tell. The widebody and alignment of the panels is excellent, though. I think everything works together so peacefully. On the other hand, though, the front-mounted intercooler, aggressive aero and carbon hood isn’t the friendliest sight to see in your rearview mirror. I love the finish on the wheels and the ultra-high end Rotora brakes for more than adequate stopping confidence. The interior detail is spectacular, with Status carbon-frame seats, a 9-point cage, a complete set of aftermarket monitoring gauges and somehow a full start-to-finish custom audio system was integrated into it. This car is nothing short of complete, and Jorge agrees…

We did a short Q&A with him about the car; the specs are listed towards the bottom. Enjoy!


Q: What is the most unique modification you have done to this car? 

“The unique widebody fabrication all made out of carbon is probably the main attraction. Everything had to be different. I steered away from off the shelf products as much as I could.”

Q: Do you consider this a street, track or show car? 

“I aimed for a show winner with capabilities of holding its own at the tracks. It’s a joy to drive, and that’s what I do every chance I get.” 


Q: When did you begin modifying the car? What were your goals for it? 

“I began modifying the car in Spring 2003. I wanted to make it unique and more powerful. The carbon fiber craze was in effect so the car was fitted with the latest CF products and if there weren’t any available, custom pieces were made such as the dashboard. I aimed for media coverage to get worldwide recognition and I was able to achieve it by being featured in nine major magazines from all around the world. It was also featured at two SEMA events. In 2005, it went under the knife. The reconstruction took 3 long years due to issues with a shop who did nothing with it for 2 of those years. The last year, it was under my control and I was able to debut it in early 2008. Since then it has featured in more magazines and 3 more SEMA events. It has won many (lost count) first place awards and numerous Best-of-Show awards.” 


Q: What was your first car? How did you first get into the car scene? 

“I got into the car scene before I could even drive. I always tagged along with dad to the auto shops where he did body work and paint. My first car was a 1981 280ZX which he helped me fix up. Wish I would’ve kept it too. Now I spend time doing all the work myself in my garage, or at the auto hobby shops on military bases. I’m a founding member of team Auto Concept and show the vehicle at every major event in the Southwest as far north as San Francisco and as far east as Phoenix. I’ve met many friends in the automotive industry and have maintained contact since 2003.”


Q:  What future plans do you have for the car?

“As of now, there are no future plans for the car. It’s currently for sale and awaiting a new lucky owner. I want to move on to my next project so I must get rid of this one. “


Q: What other cars, if any, do you own? 

“I own a 2008 Jaguar XJL, a 1995 Ford Probe GT, and a 1981 Toyota Corolla lift back. I have plans for all three of them, but I believe the Corolla will be next.” 


Q: What is your dream car? 

“If I had serious money, I would get a Bugatti Veyron SS. For now, the XKR-S is looking good and only 1/30th the cost.”


Full list of specs:

EJ205; FP Big-16G turbo; Perrin fuel rails, front mount intercooler, big MAF intake, up pipe, down pipe, turbo inlet hose, oil catch can and radiator hoses; Mishimoto radiator; Beatrush radiator shroud; DEI CryO2 intercooler sprayer; DW 650cc injectors; 255lph fuel pump; SUN Auto Hyper Voltage system; plasma direct coils; UR underdrive pulley set; HKS oil cap, radiator cap; Kartboy pitch mount and battery tie down; HKS carbon-Ti exhaust; GReddy turbo timer; custom carbon fiber engine covers; polished intake manifold, valve covers and alternator; Endura-Tech hood dampers; Eneos Sustina engine oil ~376 BHP)

2007 front and rear conversion; custom (hand-made) carbon fiber wide body; shaved door handles; custom Zero Sports front bumper; BASF-RM Frost Blue paint; Seibon dry-carbon fiber vented hood and trunk; carbon fiber rear bumper; carbon fiber GT3 side mirrors.

Custom carbon fiber dashboard and center console; custom door panels; custom 9-point roll cage (chromed); Status Racing carbon fiber seats; Corbeau 5-point harnesses; Beatrush divider panel; nine Stewart Warner gauges; carbon dash gauge pod; Perrin column mount pod; Ignited buttons and switches; JDM Sport steering wheel; Kartboy shift knob; color matched trim; suede panels.

SPEC stage 3 clutch; Kartboy short shifter and urethane bushings.

(Front) Endura-Tech 10-way coilovers; custom RPM subframe brace; APR strut bar; STI aluminum control arms, sway bar, and endlinks.
(Rear) Endura-Tech 10-way coilovers; Beatrush strut bar and trunk bars; Perrin sway bar with aluminum mounts.

(Front) Rotora 6-piston calipers, 355mm rotors, pads, braided steel lines, Amsoil brake fluid
(Rear) Rotora 4-piston calipers, 330mm rotors, pads, braided steel lines

Wheels & Tires
Custom iForged Monaco wheels (anthracite center and polished lips), 19×10 all around with custom offsets / Nitto NT05 275/30ZR19 tires

Memphis Car Audio MC1.1100 amplifier & MC4.75 amplifier (mounted to ceiling), M312D4 subwoofers in custom trunk enclosure, MCC6 components (x4) in custom panels, 17-1FCAPM capacitor, Memphis connection/wiring; VRX925VD DVD head unit.

Special thanks to Jorge for taking the time to come out. We hope to see the car go to a good owner and we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring out next.

Thanks for reading!

– Matt

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