Autocon 2011: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Continuing with our Autocon coverage from where we left off on Tuesday. As I mentioned before, I was scrambling around to get shots because I had to get back down to San Diego…so there wasn’t a defined “flight path” per-say. But I tried to keep things in order and post the most relevant sights…enjoy!

I enjoyed this yellow RX-7 on bronze TE-37s. I think the kit works great…love the carbon lip along the sides and the slight edging on the rear fender.

Here’s a Z33 with the same color scheme, with a curvy lip that I’ve never seen before…

You’ve probably seen this bay if you’re around Socal…this EM1 is everywhere. It looks great though. Carbon fiber fenders were added, in addition to rifle-round ignition wire guides…

What I thought was an 8th-gen Accord grill on this car, is actually a JDM 7th-generation grill; just not the Euro-R one that most of us are so used to seeing…sorta caught me off guard.


TL Type S from HeelToe Automotive. Tim and I are both fans of the TL-S in general, it is an already beautiful car that’s been made more aggressive from the factory. The only thing they could’ve done better was give it a V8 option…but most of us know Honda would’ve never done it. Anyways…love the stance and little additions here and there. The polished exhaust and lower garnish really sets it off.

Now that’s true dedication…hell, I thought Spoon parts were rare…


Great looking GTR. Loving the flat black wheels and contrasting lower trim.


Simple and classic look on this S13…

Sharp red S2000 on gunmetal Work Emotion XDs…

Royal Origin STI on Work Meisters…almost a mirror of the Royal Origin Mazdaspeed 3 I posted a couple days ago, haha….


Not sure what was going on here…but I wasn’t feeling it. And the band-aid thing…its getting old really fast. I wonder if people realize it draws MORE attention to the problem…

Big Mike was on scene with his infamous wintergreen-color Prelude. He’s been off duty for a while making some improvements to the car, including refinished wheels and a new bumper…still in love with the SE-37K’s…

Here’s his engine bay looking as spotless and organized as ever…Gotta hand it to him…I think Mike’s tuck has got to be one of the most thorough I’ve seen.

DPK David’s K-swapped EJ1…

Your friendly neighborhood Lotus Elise…

Toyota Corolla TE72 rolling on some retro Advans…supposedly this had a RWD 4AGE, but never saw what was under the hood so I can’t confirm…


Beautiful blue on this E36. Looks similar to Captiva Blue, one of my favorite car colors. The front splitter works great and the contrast of the wheels makes it even better. Never been a huge E36 fan, just because the seem stuck between the E30 and E46 body styles…they’re very clunky, and, if it weren’t for the grill and the badge, I probably wouldn’t guess it was a BMW at all…still, this one makes my book because it’s done-up right…

TE-37s everywhere I looked…Here’s a set of Mag Blues on an E46, with some gigantic Brembo brakes behind ’em…


Super wide turbo S2000 that we saw at HIN…


I thought the custom saddlebag on this bike was kind of neat…notice the speaker on top…

DTM S14…I love it, but I gotta say those side skirts are terrifying. Nothing subtle about them, is there?

Simple DB8 Integra. If I recall, I’ve seen this car around a few times but on different wheels. Love the UK turn signal lights and all-red Bride interior with S2000 cluster…




We’ve seen this orange 6th-gen Civic at a couple events, most notably the itsJDMyo! 1-year Anniversary up in Los Angeles. It’s coming along great…

Notice the pearlescent engine bay color…

Dark brown DC2 lowered tastefully on Work Equips…

Not-so-flashy DC5 on Enkei RPF01s…still looks plenty aggressive, though.

Beastly-looking VIP LS…

Caught a few shots of Raichelle Viado over in the model area…she’s been one of my favorites for a while. Raichelle is always smiling and being enthusiastic…



Mikey at PVR Motorsports had this unique contraption for getting video footage of the show. You can check out the final product here…

Saw this spotless first-generation Integra on my way out. You don’t see many of them around anymore, so it’s great to see one fully maintained and cared for like this…


That wraps up our 2011 Autocon coverage. Hope everyone liked it. Be sure to check us out on Facebook for more photos and timely updates on the site.

Oh, and just a footnote…we’ll be at the 6th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive this Saturday, 12/17…it will be one of the last few events of the year and should be a great turnout. Hope to see you there! – Matt



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  2. Big Mike Avatar
    Big Mike

    Hey Tim, just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the snaps and the kind words. I appreciate it.

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      Hey, it was actually Matt who did the write up for this post, but thanks for taking the time to visit the site and comment.

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