This is AM2’s very first convention. It started last year as a small gathering at Club Nokia by Anime Expo in the same weekend. Obviously, they failed to get that spot this year as AX made sure they booked Club Nokia so AM2 was hosted in a small section of the Anaheim Convention Center.

It was small. Very small. For one, it was a bad idea to host a convention similiar to Anime Expo in the same weekend especially since it was their first one. They had a couple advantages over AX though, admission was free with the optional charge for a VIP passport which was actually worth it. They had something really special that AX didn’t. Concerts with some seriously legit artists: Scandal, KanonxKanon, Kanon Wakeshima, Heidi, and Sadie. I’m a pretty big fan of Scandal so I reserved Sunday for AM2. I have no idea how they got these artists, but I’m pretty sure they would blow a hologram out of the water. Another thing was that passport holders could have a private meet and greet with all the performing artists which I thought was pretty cool especially since the attandance was low, it means you had a extremely high chance of meeting them without ridiculous lines.

Before the concert, we walked around the exhibt hall to see what there was…nothing. Really boring hall with some half assed “summer festival”.


I mean if you can space photo booths that far apart, you have tons of space and not enough content.


Couple of exhibitors. Not many as most would be at AX where the crowds were.


Grabbing some lunch at the food trucks.


Eating some food while watching some band play


I’m sure the band was decent if I could hear what he was saying. Sound tech failure.

We got in line for the Scandal concert around 3PM and seating was at 6:30PM and the concert at 8PM. The concert did not allow video or photo so I didn’t get any footage of it. I’m sure AM2 will post some up soon. Found some pictures on Scandal Heaven’s Facebook page. They have a bunch of Scandal dedicated content.

At the panel in the morning

During the concert

Scandal was awesome, but the sound tech was bad. Instruments should never be louder than vocals. I had a hard time hearing the lyrics. The lighting was awful. I mean spots lights should keep moving unless pointed at someone, but they would move to a person then both would run back to the same spot which at awkwardly sitting in a corner of the projected background. I’m not sure if Scandal brought their own people or AM2 had their own, but the concert was lacking in that department. Anyways since I don’t have any content of the concert and the concert wasn’t all that well put together so I’ll put up a different concert with about the same songs.

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