Hellaflush VIII: Venice Beach Part One

Hellaflush 8 took place on Saturday morning at 9AM. There was a caravan rolling up from San Diego to Santa Monica, but I decided it wasn’t a good idea to roll deep with 25 or so cars since it draws quite a bit of unnecessary attention. We rolled out at 5AM same time as the caravan. but we got there about an hour earlier than all of them.

The night before I was reading the Facebook wall for the event to get a gist of the event as this was my first attendance at a Hellaflush event. I found a humorous comment complaining about the large amount of stock cars in the parking lot and apparently they didn’t know the beach is a public area and there are OTHER people at the beach.


The line to paying for parking was “hella” long. It was quite a wait even though we got there earlier than most.


This Civic caught my attention all day.


Although there was a line waiting for ticket booth, we watching these cops giving out plenty of tickets to cars rolling in.



Pretty wicked looking matte black BMW wagon with a Crooks and Castles theme.


Still loving the new Subaru STi design.











I don’t know if the driver of this Subie is female or not, but I’ve noticed an annoying trend among female import enthusiasts. Why do they feel the need to tack up their cars with pink just to scream “i’m a girl.” Who cares. Sure female enthusiasts are greatly outnumbered by guys as is female gamers to male gamers, but they all the attention give to the issue is just plain stupid.


Nice looking eight gen Accord. The matte black fenders make it look kind of cheap though. The wheels kind of work, but I’m sure there is another gunmetal wheel out there that would work better.


Pretty wild looking Sileighty.



Nicely done BMW 1 series. I don’t particularly get the point of the 1 series BMWs because they aren’t cheaper than the 3 series and the performance is about the same, but they have less room in them.


350z dropped on some nice matte black Work Meisters.

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