Toyotafest 2011: Part Two

I would had this posted up earlier, but I’ve been busy moving residencies and school. Toyotafest was supposed to be one whole post, but apparently, I hit the limit for content. I wasn’t aware WordPress had a limit per a post since I’ve never maxed out before. Anyways, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Eibach Coverage from Matt. Tomorrow we’ll be busy covering Hellaflush 8 and the “ItsJDMyo” meet.

The rest of the coverage from Toyotafest


Lovely red MKIV Supra



A stretched version of the newer Toyota Siennas. I’ve actually taken a liking to the new Siennas because they have started to have the design mentality of the JDM vans like the Alphards and the Vellfires. The whole big vans with awesome styling mentality is something I’ve been dying to see over here in the States. Even the new Honda Odysseys are starting to have a similar design.



They also had a couple track cars out on display


A pretty nice aero’d out Scion tC.


Toaster Vans!!! Man these have always been one of my favorite cars in the 90’s. I’ve called them Toaster Vans since I was a kid since they have the rigid and boxy styling. Its like how I call Volkwagen Buses, Bread Vans since they look like loaves of bread. I’m so glad people still keep these vans around.


Potato chips…or heart attack in a tray


Beautiful IS300 in the lot dropped on some Enkei NT03s. I believe these wheels and the Rays RE30s are the new “in” wheels kind of like how Regamaster Evos and Sprint Hart CPRs were the big “in” wheels not too long ago.

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