Eibach Honda Meet 2011: Part One

As most enthusiasts know, the annual meet at the Eibach Springs development facility in Corona, CA is the largest Honda/Acura gathering in the nation. Since southern California is usually the setting region for new trends in the Honda community, its always interesting to see new builds on display here. New products and technologies, from local manufacturers such as Skunk2 and Rywire, were visible in many bays. One thing I notice is that custom fabrication is becoming more popular than just having rare or expensive parts—from spark plug covers to headers to engine mounts, anything custom stood out more than anything else. The cool thing about Eibach is that there’s something for everybody. Show cars, drag cars, daily drivers, and road racers. Even a few cars that didn’t have the H-badge showed up. Overall, there wasn’t a lack of cars, but I think compared to prior years it was a little weak in terms of quality. Maybe because of the poor weather some cars didn’t want to make the trip…

There seems to be a lot of talk about the cops at the event. I have my own thoughts on it, but all in all, the cops were more relaxed this year than previous Eibach meets. For the bullshit that was going on, they stayed really level headed and respectful. Usually you’ll see them lighting up all the people that rev up 2nd gear with their straight pipe exhausts on the cross-streets, or looking out for people that are too low or have non-BAR’d K-swaps. This year that just wasn’t the case. We even saw a motorcycle cop that pulled beside a guy with a straight (or mid open-really loud) exhaust that kept jumping to 3-4 revs. All the cops had their eyes on him, but the motorcycle cop pulled up and told him to simply put his seat belt on and be safe. In all honesty the cops could have pulled damn near every car overand had a field day if they wanted to…

I arrived at the lot a little before 7am and the line was already spilling out of Mariah Circle, and several of adjacent lots were filled up. From what I hear people were camping out and detailing their cars while it was still dark. Tim arrived shortly after and we proceeded onto the lot. It was cloudy throughout the morning and then rain showers every so often, which made shooting interesting I suppose. Eibach had their main warehouse open, where some vendors were posted and people could take shelter from the rain.

There was a lot to go through and different cars were going in and out throughout the day, so coverage will go into multiple parts. Photo credits go to Tim and a few that I shot as well..

 These stickers were new…they were on all the cars that paid to be on the lot. Probably helped the organizers put a stop to all of the parking drama…

I’m not a huge fan of the CR-Z in general, but if I had to do a few tweaks this is probably what I would want it to look like. The simple rear deck spoiler gives it a sharper look. This was adjacent Chronicles and NWP4LIFE booths…

ASC Speedmetal, a fabrication company local to us here in San Diego, had a unique logo on the CR-Z…

Sportcar Motion’s EK9 road racer, which I’m a huge fan of. Built by Skunk2-sponsored Morgan Jade, this car is equipped with a K20 setup and is fully gutted and right-hand drive. It has run in several time attack and lap  battle type events…

The cockpit of the EK9…

Skunk2 had some new components on display. I believe this is the black series intake manifold and throttle for the 08+ Civic Si.

 I didn’t notice anything new here until I looked at the full size picture on my screen. Notice the one-piece cast VTEC solenoid and the valve cover bolts…..possible new Skunk2 items….and the Megapower header is still one of my favorites in terms of appearance and quality, next to the Toda header of course…

 Another CR-Z, this one sponosred by Eibach. I like the Mugen-esque color scheme…

The Eibach CR-Z had Work Emotion CR wheels and Stoptech brakes…

Simple S2000, with a Voltex wing to garnish.

Another awesome S2000. White CE28s and a brilliant shade of red. Is it just me or does the fender look slightly darker than the rest of the car?

Another angle.

Love this TSX and S2000, both sporting Mugen MF-10 wheels.

Bisimoto’s CR-Z…

Awesome early model Celica. Not sure of the year. F20C-fitted, restored interior, carbon fiber body trim and rolling on RS-Watanabe wheels (a la Initial D).

The cockpit of the Celica. Notice the nicely retrofitted S2000 cluster. Probably made a  bit of the wiring easier too, since it already has the F20C engine.

The F20C engine.

This was a cool bay. Very simple single cam, but the transmission, block and head castings were all coated with textured black finish. Two more things would really set the theme off: black motor mounts and black (or grill-tucked) radiator.

I love this red paint. Its almost like a metallic Milano Red. The valve cover matches, along with a red-tinted carbon fiber intake and finished with Downstar hardware.

Jackson-supercharged K…nothing wrong with that…

Turbo VTEC D-series with ram horn exhaust manifold…love the deep  blue color…

Love it…USDM just can’t compare!


AIM sports meter in this Modesto-based Integra racer

Seeing more and more cars with retrofitted Spoon brake calipers. To my knowledge, they were only made in monoblock and 4-piston for the R-models and S2000’s. Ironically, Spoon/Opak is using the APR brakes these days, but these blue calipers are still good street/mild track upgrade if you ask me. Also note the real 2nd generation Desmond SW388s and Spoon lug nuts.

Beautiful MF-10 wheel shot by Tim.

That’s it for now, I’ll continue with more coverage tomorrow…the rain/cloudiness did eventually clear up so the pics will get brighter and drier soon. A nice change though…usually Eibach weather is like 90 degrees….

– Matt

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