Light Box

I’m going to pretty busy with several events this weekend so I’m just going to dump the rest of my light box stuff that’s left over. Look forward to seeing the weekly Carlsbad Cars/Cars and Coffee, Extreme Autofest/Remix, and some Euro meet.



S15 model


I’m a huge Initial D fan. Gotta have one of these.


Haruhi Nendoroid from Good Smile Company


Uh…forgot what this is from. I know it was on sale though. XD


Tsukasa from Lucky Star


Arnval from the Busou Shinki series (not a very popular series though)


Mazda FD3s RX7 model


Mazinger!  Revoltech


Transformers Revoltech

2 thoughts on “Light Box

  1. ooh ooh! I have the shell and wheels for an Initial D Trueno from Kyosho. I would get the R/C motor but that costs like $150 soooo… I just set it on the shelf to look at.

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