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Hey everyone. I’m Matt. I have met some of you, while others I might know online (via fullcoupe) or probably not even know at all. Whatever the case, I’m honored to now be a contributor to timscribbles.com.

I live in Escondido, CA, the home of salvage-title cars and pedestrians that never use crosswalks. I’m currently working and going to school at the same time, trying to do the best I can on my own will. I love cars of all sizes and shapes, from Acura to Volvo, though I am mostly into the Honda scene. I don’t have a bias against anything; if I see effort, purpose, creativity and a clear vision in a car, I will always appreciate it. But there’s something else that speaks to me about a car – the owner. Most owners have a really strong bond with their cars, some so much that the car is almost personified. Like Jeremy Clarkson once said, “you have the living and non-living on this planet. To me, cars are somewhere in-between.” I strongly believe this. I mean, I know cars are  inanimate. But owners who care and respect their cars so much that it creates a type of relationship – it creates whole different level of appreciation that most average-Joe people don’t understand. A few years back, I knew a kid that lived up in Santa Barbara…he had a 2000 Civic Si. All stock, from top to bottom. But he cared for this thing so much, I thought he had OCD over it. He would wash it and check the oil all the time, and he would notice every little thing that happened to be wrong with it. I thought it was almost funny to an extent. One night, though, he sent me a message saying his car was stolen and to be on the lookout for it. A few days later, a highway patrol officer found his car with a scorched engine bay and part of the interior still dimly lit in flames, with many of the valuables stripped from it and left for dead. While you’d think he’d forget it and ask for his insurance payout for another car, he instead felt like he lost a family member. He didn’t want a new car. He wanted his old car back. To the point where he was actually grieving over the whole situation.  Of course, he moved on eventually. But my point is, there are so many owners in the scene that I see doing builds just for the recognition and to “fit in”. That’s fine and all, I have nothing against it – but I have so much more interest in a car that has been built by an owner with a passion, vision and ultimately, a strong bond with the car.

I own a ’93 Honda Civic DX. It’s my pride and joy and, regardless of how many other cars I’ve sought after, it still seems to end up in my driveway each day. I love being able to drive it around the mountains and even just around town. For the past few years I’ve done various modifications to it, including a new motor, upgraded suspension and some cosmetic enhancements. I love seeing new parts and mods coming on the market from different manufacturers; I’m always curious as to what will come out next. As part of my role here, I hope to bring you guys some detailed reviews (features/quality/efficiency) of some of the performance parts on the market – as I get my hands on them.

I’ll also be chiming in with event coverage whenever I can. I hope to provide different views and perspectives on the auto scene while keeping you guys informed on what’s going on throughout the so-cal area too.

Anyways, I look forward to contributing more and seeing you all around! Keep on reading!




– Matt







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