IKEA Meet on Saturdays

Went out for the IKEA meet again. I rarely attend, but when I do go its never a small crowd. Pretty good turn out and interesting kinds of mix. Took some pictures, but please do understand I didn’t have a tripod so some are a tad blurry.


I arrived first as usual. Sat in my car for around 10 minutes listening to some classic rock.


A Supra showed up. Ooo ahh fancy. Haha.




Eddie got a new car. Beat up (seriously….no bumper covers or side skirts, fading paint, raggy top…etc) old junker. At least it runs instead of a non running Previa.



This Civic was rather pretty clean all around. Even had some nice FD2 Type R seats (my personal favorite).



Ok, I thought this would have been a great shot if:

1. The guy would stay still
2. Neither guys were standing there
3. I have a freaking tripod.


We were the last to leave so we took a couple “photoshoot” shots before we left. Because I was so unhappy with the last shot, I had to take some shots of such a good spot.



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