Jon B. from Team Hybrid

I went out for a shoot today with MW since he got a new engine. Last night Jon B. from Team Hybrid hit me up and wanted to do a shoot so he tagged along. Brought out his STI which was a good addition since my Teg is ugly looking right now. Since Jon B. asked for commission work you can look and see the difference in work effort. ^^d



img_2024I love powerlines. They are so cool.

img_2014Man so close. Freaking F&F and their ridiculous cars. Lmao.




Time for my own personal shots.


This shot is terrible in high rez. It was hard to see since I had my sunglasses on. Blurry as hell. But I put up anyways since MW wanted me to.


Easiest shot in the world. I still find it funny that people find this hard to do.


Rock a Vee.


Looks like an ad for Honda. “The new CR-V, from Honda” Lol.

2 thoughts on “Jon B. from Team Hybrid

  1. Really digging the shot under the trailor,the 4th one,would be nice if added some blur to the rims and background to make as if the car was rolling,might fool a few peeps,nice pictures and you did a fantastic work…

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