HHP Grand Opening

Heavy Hitter Performance Grand Opening. As usual, I’m trying to cover local events. Mike over at HHP finally opened his shop all the way in Spring Valley,  and we from SDRev joined to celebrate.


It was a pretty decent turn out. The parking lot was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but the turn out was a lot bigger than I was expecting.

img_1969Its a Skyline. I swear. Lol.

img_1970img_1972Yay Toy Civic. I never get sick of seeing this car.

img_1982img_1979img_1978img_1977img_1976img_1973I’m not really a big fan of rebadging, because I think its kinda of a poser thing to do, but apparently more people do it than I thought. Its not bad as to say like putting a Si badge onto a non-Si or like SRT4 on a Neon, but its still not really that car.


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