Words by Tim Wong

It’s been an interesting time these past couple years with everything going on. I’ve barely been to any events even as things are starting to get back to normal. I don’t even know what normal I’d be getting back to since so many priorities have shifted and things have changed. I will say it was nice to see some old faces and doing something familiar again even if it was just a little bit. I’ve been going to these KINOD meets for over a decade now, but not as regularly as some of the more devoted attendees. I remember when the anniversary meets were pretty low key and then became more and more crazy with randoms each passing year, but it’s also nice to the enthusiasm for the event, the car, and the community as high as ever.

This year, we were for fortune enough to be able to use Mazda R&D’s lot for this big event. I hadn’t been here since the one and only time there had Miatafest back in 2010 so it was almost like a big throwback for those who went back then as well. Some people still have their cars after all these years and some have moved on to new cars, but the community is still the same. The lot had some nice white lighting in some spots, but most of the lot was just too dark and way to crowded for my just do my usual walk through and grab individual shots of cars so I changed my focus to capturing the general atmosphere.

DSC03849 DSC03853 DSC03881 DSC03866 DSC03847 DSC03872 DSC03874 DSC03875 DSC03877 DSC03878 DSC03890 DSC03898 DSC03902 DSC03871 DSC03885 DSC03894 DSC03892