Fifth Avenue Auto Showcase 2015

Words by Tim Wong

_MG_2046// annual Fifth Avenue Auto Showcase in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego is something I stumbled upon last year while I was driving by. The downtown area plays host to many car shows during the year because of the lovely seaside settings such as the Embarcadero park and Spanish Landing. They are usually classic cars at these events and random passersby walk through to see the nice cars. I happened to be in downtown again on Sunday so I had a chance to see this year’s show as well; though I wanted to see this and the classic British car show nearby, but I showed up toward the end. This year’s show had some new cars and some previous ones from last year.


Some lovely classic Porsches this year like this Speedster.


I love seeing classic car with racing inspired designs.


_MG_2057// 8-series and a Panoz behind it. _MG_2058//

Ferrari 355

_MG_2059// 190SL _MG_2060//

There was a few lowriders lined up too like this black Impala.

_MG_2061// Studebaker Hawk GT _MG_2063//

Many Prowlers lined up. I used to really like these when I was younger because it was such a radical car, but not so much anymore. It’s still cool to see them on the road because of their rarity.

_MG_2064// SRT10 powered 1968 Dodge Charger was probably my favorite of the show. _MG_2065//


1964 Plymouth Fury with some lovely Mopar under the hood.


1968 Plymouth GTX

_MG_2081// Kaiser Henry J _MG_2084//

Thanks for reading.

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