Cars and Coffee

Words by Tim Wong


It was a busy morning on Saturday with Cars and Coffee early in the morning and Formula Drift tech day right afterwards. I woke up 30 minutes later than I was expecting which is a significant chunk of that particular meet so I rushed down to the event. This meet was supposed to be special because Socal GTR was showing up with 75 GTRs including a Hakosuka and 3 R32s. When I got to the event, parking was a pain and I had to make my way up to the very top where I coincidentally found all the GTRs lined up.


I didn’t spend to much time in the parking structure and made my way to cover the meet. Even though I mostly rushed through the parking lot, there were some pretty nice cars.




There was a BAC Mono which grabbed a good crowd.






This flared out Toyota Corolla was extensively modified inside and out. Inside was gutted with a track oriented layout and the car was powered by the supercharger massive Lexus V8.













I caught this beautiful black Ferrari Testarossa just as it was leaving.




The internet celebrity, Magnus Walker, occasionally brings one of his amazing Porsche 911s out to Cars and Coffee. This is the first time I’ve seen him after the Urban Outlaw documentary release.





Lastly, we have the 2012 SEMA car from Bisimoto Engineering, the twin turbo Porsche 911.


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