Rhys Millen Racing

Words by Tim Wong

This past Wednesday, Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) held a meet at their shop in Huntington Beach which may lead to a monthly meet. I wasn’t really expecting a huge turn out for a meet that was hardly promoted since I found out about it the night before. It was the shop itself and the amazing vehicles they were displaying. RMR is participates in some of the most famous racing series in here in the States like Formula Drift, Global Rallycross, and Pikes Peak. I decided to get there much earlier in hopes of grabbing some shots before any crowds show up.


This is RMR’s Pikes Peak Hyundai Genesis PM580 built from tube-framed and carbon fiber weighing only 1,850lb and powered by Hyundai’s 760 HP stroked 4.1-liter V6 powerplant from a Lambda.






RMR cars are equipped with high end wheels from HRE.



A replica of Tanner Foust’s GRC rallycross Ford Fiesta car.


In the back, they have a couple of their other cars on lifts. That Pontiac Solstice in the back is probably one of their more famous vehicles as it was used to win the Red Bull World Drift Championship back in 2008.




This Honda CRZ was also displayed right next to their garage.

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