The Chronicles: Year.IV Anniversary

Words by Matt Willis

A weekend before we left for the SEMA Show, we decided to head up to the infamous Eibach facility in Corona for a bit of a special gathering. The Chronicles is an immensely popular photoblog dedicated to the Honda/Acura scene, and its run by a man named Joey Lee – who is actually Tim’s cousin. This event celebrated the four-year anniversary of Joey’s site, and was essentially a meetup of the blog’s close supporters and some of the best top cars in the Honda scene.

Tim and I have been following his page for the last few years. His perspectives on the Honda community and automotive lifestyle in general are always very lighthearted and somewhat comical, but you can still definitely tell that cars – and the community that brings them together – are his true foremost passion. I think his message resonates with the more…err…”mature” crowd, meaning that those who have grown out of the fads, the angst and childishness that is the automotive scene (not just the Honda guys, either) understand his writing and his viewpoints a little better. Nonetheless, he puts in tremendous effort in putting great features out and event coverage for everyone to check out. We’re still very much Honda heads; and even though we tend to look at a very broad spectrum of cars these days, the Honda scene is still at our roots. Seeing the community maintain this sort of passion and dedication is a great sign, and The Chronicles may be a strong reason for it…

In any case, I wasn’t at the event very long as I had to head out east to visit family that night. However, Tim stayed and got most of the shots, so I’ll let his pics illustrate some of the best builds that came out in support of The Chronicles…




Phoenix Yellow Type R on MF-10s…


Simple little DX hatch with a BYS spoiler, Gram Lights, and a Spoon N1 exhaust…



Black on bronze (err…yeah) Integra Type R.


Flush red EM1 on BBS RS wheels…


RHD B-powered EF with what appears to be the 98+ DC-generation UK fog lamps…



Love the aggressive stance of this DB, along with the simple rear spoiler and front splitter.


Nice bodywork on this Silverstone S2000…


Very nice FD2 conversion on satin Work Emotions…


Aggressive Autofashion FR-S…


This Integra used have a lot of aero/body work on it last time I saw it. Maybe the owner is taking it in a different direction…still looks great nonetheless.


Sharp black EK9. If I remember right, this one was the real deal with the B16B and all…


One of my all time favorite wheels, the Mugen MF-10…


…and some striking contrasts…


Here’s a NA1 NSX…


Love this CR-Z from Eibach. K-swapped and race-ready with a Stop-Tech brake kit and lightweight Work Emotion CR wheels.


One of my favorite TSX builds…so perfect…


Another FD2 sighting…


Loved this black on chrome RSX…


Last time I saw this Ferio was back in February of this year, with a Raceline USA track day at Chuckwalla. Still looks good! Rollin in with the brake dust on the wheels and all. That’s how its done…!



Royal Origin WRX, that we most recently saw at Spocom I believe.


Two very low Integras. Like the touch of the UK-spec fog lamps integrated into the bumper on the DC. In fact, I’ve always had a thing for the UK market Integra Type R



CR-Z from the crew over at Sportcar Motion


Perhaps one of Sportcar’s most well-known builds is their crazy time attack ITR…still amazes me every time I see it in person. I would love to sit shotgun for a few laps in this thing…well, if it had a passenger seat, that is…haha…


Sleek NA2 NSX on Takata Green TE-37s…


Mike Mao’s NSX that pretty much rocked the show scene this year…


Big Mike’s iconic Prelude that is still turning heads everywhere, especially after his most recent Honda Tuning cover feature


Another NSX beauty that we found hidden away on the east end of the complex.


Horizon gray 4-door from ICB Motorsport in AZ…


Speechless every time I see this bay…




Crazy VIP M5…


…and this flawless IS300 too…





Front lineup…


Some more cars rolling in…

Beautiful BBR wheels…



Vintage SSR wheel covers…





Love this FD2 with the brushed metal aero and aggressive TEs…


Overall, it was a great show and it seemed like everyone had an awesome time. Congrats to Joey and The Chronicles… on 4 years running, and for hosting this event in celebration of the community. We’ll be sure to keep on reading, and hopefully we can look forward to attending a Year Five next fall… – Matt

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