TSMIA | Kunming, China : Part Two

Words by Tim Wong


After visiting the Stone Forest in my previous post, we were heading over to Jiuxiang Scenic Region (九乡风景区) which consisted of underground valleys and massive caves. Some of the locations may seem familiar as they used this location to film parts of the Jackie Chan movie “The Myth”.


The was a bit of travel time in between locations, but the scenery was a consistently interesting sight.



A display of some of the scenes from the movie before entering the caves.





The caves were a long walk with thousands of steps up and down through the inside of the mountains. One could hire a couple guys to carry you through the place on a litter, but that’s kind of lame and difficult to take pictures on.



















As I passed through an endless amount of steps, there were occasional glimpses of the outside where the river passed through. You can always tell there’s an opening because of the little sparrows flying through the caves.





This bridge was one of those rare spots where I couldn’t get enough pictures of due to the perfect lighting and the perfect composition. I didn’t have a tripod so I tried all sorts of tricks to get the shots I wanted.




After slowing down my group for a while, it was back into the caves for more low lit areas.


Inside this cave was a waterfall from the flowing river I had been following along.


These bridge shots were virtually impossible to shoot with the extremely low lit area and everything being wet from the spray from the waterfall.








Eventually I made it out of the caves. About half way through, my 5DMKII died out due to the lack of battery which I normally charge daily except finding places to charge things isn’t easy in China. Luckily, I brought my Canon S95 pro-digicam as a backup so there will be a bit more from the caves in a wrap up post at the end of this series.


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