KINOD Year 6

Words by Tim Wong

As many frequenters of this blog have come to learn, I occasionally visit the notorious KINOD meets on Friday nights that mostly consist of the younger generation of the Miata community. For the past few years, I have attended their yearly anniversary meet and this year was no different. KINOD is an every changing group and yet it keeps its tradition of KINOD (Krispy Kreme In n Out Drive) all year round.


The meet filled up the lot just like every other year, but didn’t overflow too much in to the surrounding parking lots like last year.




I took quite a liking to this Mazdaspeed Miata due to the all around functionality of it.




Pretty much full on track day Miata here complete with trailer full of tires and fuel showed up to the meet.










Of course, there’s always more than just Miatas present.









When this Datsun 240Z rolled in, I have to double back for a second glance because I know it was a 240Z from the front end, but the rear spoiler on it made it look very muscle car like.


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