AE86 Nights 5yr Anniversary @ Longo Toyota

Words by Tim Wong

Now I have been a fan of the AE86 chassis for a long time and even bigger after I saw the Initial D franchise. The simple design and practicality of the car was something I found really elegant. I’ve gotten to meet and become friends with a couple AE86 owners over the past several years and one of them made it known to me that there were AE86 Nights which I had not been aware of; mostly due to the fact that they were very small meets. Since they were having a 5 year anniversary meet, I made some time to check it out after the Grand Prix in Long Beach. The meet was surprisingly big and had some cars new to me.


Some really nice project builds were everywhere. This Levin with a Beams engine was one that caught my eye.



It may be a bit cliche, but the fanboy in me would probably copy the Initial D AE86 as well while at the same time build up things under the hood and keep the exterior subtle.



Along with the other nice builds, this old school Corolla was no exception.




One of the more known AE86 in Southern California is this orange Levin for the F20 S2000 engine swap under the hood.








A couple track cars were brought out on trailers for this get together.






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