Cars and Coffee 04072012

Words by Tim Wong

It had been a little while since I’ve had the time to check out Cars and Coffee and my most recent trip did not disappoint. I was up pretty late the night before drinking with some friends and ended up just driving straight up right after to meet up with Matt. Since we were heading up for Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach, we decided to check out Cars and Coffee while we were at it.


For some of the photography geeks, Matt was rocking the newly released Canon 5D Mark III. I’ve been using a Canon 5D Mark II for a little under a year now which I am a big fan of, but the Mark III really does resolve a lot of issues I have with the Mark II and added features I thought should have always came with the Mark II. There may be a post later on more on the subject.



I’m not a massive fan of the classic Corvettes, but as with my mentality, one cannot deny a great car when you see one. The pristine condition all around was nothing less than impressive.





When I saw this, I have to admit that I was pretty ecstatic about it because this car has always been one of my favorite cars and it is almost never seen. The Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II was definitely not something I was expecting to see really anywhere.



The whole body kit and massive spoiler looks just so perfect on this car.






The other surprise of that day was a beautiful white Lamborghini Countach hiding in the middle of the lot. I find it to be a rather pure form of a car because it was made with the pop factor which is what the hyper car is all about. You can still see the heavy influence of this car in Lamborghini’s more recent models which it shows they have somewhat stayed true to their roots.






The Spyker cars have never really interested me too much due to the over the top flashy steampunk style which I find to be a tacky; although if I try really hard, I could find it to be stylish and elegant.






In the overflow lot, the new Subaru BRZ was sitting there in its completely stock form. At first, I was pretty excited about this car and the Scion FRS, but then as time passed these became overhyped and as usual, the car changed greatly from the original concept which is disappointing. Most of the main things are still there like rear drive and the boxer engine, but they took away all the flair like the aggressive body lines, the center locking wheels, and the rear lit badging. While the car was there, I got first hand chance to sit inside and check it out.


If you want to see more check out the full gallery here:

2 thoughts on “Cars and Coffee 04072012

  1. Great series of photo! I love your captions/explanations with the photos too. I always liked cars but never really knew much about them.

    And yes that Lamborghini Countech definitely seem to have influenced the modern day models ^^

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