Tecate Thunder Thursday on Pine

Words by Tim Wong

Just a couple hours ago, downtown Long Beach was filled with crowds of people getting a glimpse of the whole Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach experience down on Pine Avenue. Just under an hour before the event was supposed to begin, I had just heard about it so when I finally parked and started to walk over, I spotted the two IZOD IndyCars being towed back to the pits. Since the races were taking places at by the shores, I naturally walked in that direction which was incorrect and ended up walking back up Pine Ave.


Just as I walked up to the event, I caught a couple of drift cars just about to head out.





Another track car rolling out that I barely caught a glimpse of was the new Falken Porsche.


I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of this car all weekend.


It was followed closely by the Porsche Panamera safety car.


As Toyota is a big sponsor for the event, they have a couple of cars with some modifications on display.



What had the crowds’ attention was the motorcycle daredevil riders performing stunts and what not.








Be sure to check out the races in Long Beach if you can! I posted a free entry alternative on our Facebook page for Friday.


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