Two Thousand and Twelve

Words by Tim Wong

2012 will mark the fourth year of I hope everyone has enjoyed the content we have been posting this year, and I hope everyone will continue to support us and keep coming back to our site. As most of you know this blog is heavily car-oriented, but we occasionally post about popular culture and photography. Even though we are petrol heads by heart, we do have other interests and cover events that are outside of the car scene. This is not so much a change in blog content, but rather an addition to the blog. We still be posting our great coverage of the automotive scene and adding a wide variety of content to our posts.

Along with our usual car posts, I also feel like increasing our coverage of motorsports and other events other than just car shows. Shows are great way to see cars in detail, but they are a very small part of car culture. We will try to present a wider view of the automotive world.

Something I would like to get back into posting about is popular culture through events like Wonder Con, Anime Expo, and Comic Con. Being an artist, I like to indulge myself in seeing other people’s art. Two of the highest viewed posts from 2011 were the two parts of Anime Expo 2011 which drew in crowds from all over the world. There was a high interest in cosplay and anime so I will probably expand into some of those types of events.

Rarely do I post about photography because it may be interesting to other photographers or people looking to buy a camera, but it is usually not all that interesting to the rest. Not many people will care about how many megapixels your camera has, or how many frames per second, or how high the ISO boost is. There will be a photography category for those kinds of posts though which will cover photography techniques, equipment, and other photo related posts.

Occasionally, we visit pretty awesome events, such as the Red Bull’s New Year-No Limits event on New Year’s Eve, that don’t fit in the categories — so those will go into the Daily Life category. We plan to bring other great events that take place and bring that coverage to you. Some may like to see what we do on our “off” days when we aren’t out shooting cars and get to know some things about us personally and this is what that category is for.

All of these additions to the site will be categorized and list on the right menu bar. If you like what we will be posting, then go ahead and check out all our good stuff, but if you aren’t interested in any of those things and only here for cars, you can just click on the “Cars” category and only car posts will show up.

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  1. Thanks for adding me on your blogroll. Keep up the great content and here’s to 2012!

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