Special Announcement…

Words by Matt Willis

It’s crazy…I was recently through the archives of the blog and found that around this time last year, we only had two or three events for the entire holiday season. This year…its barely November and we’ve already been to eight different events a good eight to ten more before the end of the year. It’s great to see that we’ve grown and are getting more readers on a daily basis. You guys are spreading the word through your local chapters, forums and social networks…and we thank you for it. That’s our “fuel” to go out and cover more events. It’s safe to say that automobiles are our passion – be it American, European, Japanese, or whatever other market. We can find the beauty in a beat up old Datsun and the reserve in a brand new Lamborghini, and as long as we can do that, I’m convinced we’re doing our job the best we can. We love cars and it’s that simple.

Now…I’m willing to bet that most of our views hail from the southern California region, because that’s where we’re from. But I also know that some viewers are in other parts of the country or other countries altogether. So our goal is to bring a piece of the Socal automotive scene to you through the internet media. After all, it is where most of the trends start (for better or worse…) and where some of the best cars in the world are built and shown off, be it at a meet, show or at the race track. That being said, we’re going a little out of our realm this year…we’re officially heading out to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I know…it’s not California…but its close! It’s pretty much the Mecca of car builders/shops, parts manufacturers, marketing divisions and the associated media outlets from all over the country. The show’s main purpose is to bring all these groups together under one roof and “connect” them, so-to-speak…like any other convention I suppose. From what I understand, the event floor mostly consists vendors displaying their latest products and technologies, including their “front page” car builds and models. Neither Tim or myself have been to SEMA before, so it’s new territory for us. We’ve heard the hype and read many blogs covering past SEMA shows, and everything has been pretty intriguing. We don’t know what to expect, but from what we hear it is not a small-scale event by any means and there’s different stuff going on every day, so we think there will be plenty of material to cover.

The 2011 SEMA Show takes place next week, starting Tuesday, November 1st and going on through Friday, November 4th. We’ll be in Vegas for most of the week, so you might see tumbleweeds rolling across the blog, but you can follow us throughout the show on our Facebook page. As soon as we return, we’ll start working on the material and hopefully have it up on the blog shortly thereafter…

…and as always, thanks for reading! See you in a week…


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