HRE Open House: Part Two

Back with more stuff from HRE’s Open House. There were so many awesome cars and content that deserve some attention.


This pink chromed Mustang was pretty flamboyantly done. I saw a guy drive off with this so I guess that’s different.


Another angle with a view of the HRE warehouse in the back.


This Camaro was easily my favorite car there. So much perfection.


It looked good from every angle. Raw simplicity.



I’ll throw in a wallpaper size for you guys. 😀 Camaro Wallpaper


Yes! Atom time! One of my all time favorite cars ever made. I’ll own one these someday. Who’s ever going to have to guts to challenge an Atom? This clearly isn’t a sleeper. Everyone knows these are quick. Everything in this car is raw function. As I’ve said before, I love machines that have all its mechanical parts baring out for you to see. It’s that beauty that you can get with machines you don’t get with anything else. Strip away all the clean panels that cover up the mechanical beast underneath. I hate how car manufacturers cover everything in the engine bays up nowadays. If I didn’t want to see the engine, I’d close the hood.






How about some more super cars today? Koenigsegg CCX from eGarage.


I’ve always been fond of these since they first came out. It reminds me quite a bit of the Mclaren F1 styling, which is still my favorite car ever engineered.


Even those who weren’t aware of the Koenigsegg existence should be aware of them now since Fast Five featured two of them.



Will be back with more coverage of the event in Part Three.

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