Corolla x Miku Hatsune

Recently Toyota release two commercials involving Miku Hatsune promoting the new Corolla. First thing, I love the idea of bring anime to the mainstream of the United States. Second, I love cars. Third, I love when they are combined. However, I don’t get what Miku Hatsune has to do with the Corolla. Are they releasing a special edition of the Corolla for Miku? And the website for it is pretty useless. Its essentially a normal Corolla page with a picture of Miku on it.

Page here:

Here are the two commericals

The whole song in concert

One response to “Corolla x Miku Hatsune”

  1. geez, whats with the awful version of Hatsune Miku? “Here’s an idea, guys; let’s slap some grotesque on Miku and market it to the americans, they like masculine chicks, right?”

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