ISA: Sign Expo 2011


This weekend I attended ISA’s Sign Expo 2011. It was really more of a industry trade show involving marketing, displays, and other industry needs. I wasn’t really expecting much from this show since I don’t really have any need for any of the products, but I walked away with more than expected.


The show took place at the Mandalay Bay Convention hall which had a pretty nice layout and size.


I went with Rocus Lighting Innovation which had a pretty grand display of lighting innovations.


One of the big things at the expo were vehicle wraps. They had cars being wrapped throughout the expo with different designs.


3M showing off their different materials for wraps.


Saw these lovely Ferrari posters being printed at the Epson booth…so I took them home.


Epson was cool…until you see HP. HP brought out the big guns. The HP Scitex TJ8600. This will run you…$750…thousand a piece.


Its printing speed is insane too. 80 sheets/hr. Not like letter size either, giant 6ft+ posters in extremely high quality.





I have got to get me a cutter like this.


I asked one lady at HP at the end of show if I could take it home with me. She said no and I said “Ok, just wanted to ask.” I was pretty sure that was the end of the conversation and I walked away and she followed me saying “No no no no, we’re taking it home with us” like a dozen times as if I didn’t hear her. Lady! Chill out, I got it. Go away.


Epson was also giving away this Harley Davidson. I wouldn’t mind taking it home with me. 😀


I saw this at the Roland booth. I don’t what the hell they were thinking, but that’s NOT a 458 Italia. Looks more like a F430 Spider.


More vinyl wrapping


You can see a few flaws in the wrapping, but I like how they do different designs rather that just wrapping each panel with the same thing.


Having a snack at the show.

Some more stuff from Vegas later on.

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