Carlsbad Cars

Its been a while since I went to one of these. They have them every Saturday, but the competition against Cars and Coffee Irvine greatly dwindles the attendance for this meet. The first time I went to one of these was a last Saturday of the month meet which had a good turn out, but every time I came out after that first meet, it was less than impressive. You definitely guaranteed to see a Lamborghini out there and a couple Mustangs, but its usually the same guys. Hopefully, it will pick up one of these days.



I like to make it out to these since I get to take some shots of high end cars, but getting up at 6:30AM is kind of a pain.


I always liked these Mustangs because of the simple design yet aggressive styling. The new Mustangs are great, but they have awkward bulges in places that don’t really need them.


Another thing about this meet is that there are the occasional classic muscle cars that show up. There’s nothing I like more than a classic muscle car.




Tesla Roadster



According to the owner, these last for about 100K miles or so and then you replace the battery which essentially the motor. Not really great, but not too bad.



Maybe its just me, but that is a terrible cup holder design. I don’t like having to worry about smacking my leg against my beverage. I’m super picky about cup holder designs because its a small part of the car, but a big part of car usage. I have a Honda Accord and an Acura Integra. Both have terrible cup holder designs. They place them in front of them shifter and every time you move the shifter forward you smash into your beverage. Another thing about them is the cup holders can’t hold large drinks which is quite bothersome. Cup holders…


F@#$ your Prius.


This nifty little screen is essentially the Tesla’s fuel gauge.


I want one of these just for the badge. The design is simple yet notable…and its looks like sword.

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