Miatafest 2010

As some of my past posts have shown, I’ve been going to some of the Miata meets in Southern California recently. I actually rather enjoy these meets which are most definitely different from most car meets. Even though there is a good mix of the younger generation and the older crowd that attend these events, there isn’t much BS or douchebags around. At Honda meets, Toyota, Nissan, pretty much a majority of other meets contain immature people who smash down straight a ways, revving, stupid people altogether which ruin meets and draw unnecessary attention. If people were more mature about things, maybe corporate would throw some decent events for the enthusiasts.

MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) was ok, I was happy their corporate branch even did anything like it at all, but from what I hear, people were getting pulled over right after the meet, and cops checking VINs, and all that BS you get at the usual car show. Miatafest was nothing like that. For one they provided food (real food) like BBQ chicken and hamburgers (steak status stuff), plus they even had apple pie with ice cream. Mazda even had bags of free stuff, stuff that was actually worth keeping: detailers, wax, a book of touge routes across the country, and a photo book. My friend even hauled home $100 in blockbust gift certificates and a fossil watch. This is stuff that makes the meet worth going to.







Widebody Miata. It looked pretty good. Almost Porsche like…with a Spoon hardtop.






A few of the Miata concept cars on display




Drift spec miata



Yes, the unreleased Mazda2.


Ice Cream + Apple pie = Good meet


Rolling shot on the way home

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