timscribbles G2 Japan: Part Six

Back again with more Japan content.


Taking a walk through Shinjuku, a major shopping district. Didn’t stay long since it was the only day I had time to go do whatever; day meaning 4PM and on, as my hotel was in the area. It was supposedly the most expensive hotel in the area going for about $400 USD a night.


Instead of shopping around Shinjuku for stuff I wouldn’t want to buy or afford, I went straight to the subway to Akihabara. The Mecca of otakus. Where anime and other pop culture is not only in plain view, but towering over the city. Pretty much the best place on Earth.


You know when people claim that Japan has huge shopping buildings where everything has its own floor? They weren’t exactly lying, I actually walked through one of those and it wasn’t as impressive as you’d think because each floor is rather small instead of a 7 story shopping mall and every floor is a Macy’s.


Yes, the legendary Gamers.



Softmap had their usual crowd outside waiting for pre-orders and all that. Sold out something when I walked by.



As much stuff is going on in this picture, you and I both know you’re looking at the maid.


Sorry for the weird crop, there was a guy who walked straight through the shot.


Mugen-ed out Insight.


I didn’t feel weird taking pictures as there were a crowd of people taking pictures of it too.



Took a round through the Kotobukiya store.



After “being on my own”, I had to fed for myself. I took the subway back to Shinjuku and started looking for food. I happened to see a rather large supermarket and food “place”, I don’t want you would called because it was like the deli area at our supermarkets, but it was a whole floor…all in a subway, like off to the corner. Wth.


Food tasted like crap just like if would over here if you bought it from a supermarket.

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