fallen friend

I will not be posting anything today or possibly for a little while. Some time on Sunday my dog had fallen ill with something unknown and could not get up. Didn’t eat or drink too much. As time progressed he got worse and worse. At some point, I realized he was blind and crippled. I would have taken him to the Vet asap, but they were closed and I could not take him until today. I had to pick him up into a stretcher to bring him into the office, when they finally took a look at him, the results were not good. His rear legs have no reaction or reflexes, he had no sight, not even reaction to light, and they think the issue was in the brain. If they were to treat it, they would have to run tests (MRI, CT…etc) and all sorts of stuff. They said German Shepards could live up to 13 years or so. I’ve had him for 12 years and if it was cancer, chemo would last for two years or more. Possibility of him recovering his rear legs were extremely low because 24 hours had past since he lost them. In any sense, it was not reasonable to put him through the strain and suffering. Alas, I spent a couple hours with him and my mom and aunt came to see him before we had to put him down. It was sad, but even sadder when my mom started to reminiscence. I’m still young, but I never have I been so sad before in my life.

RIP my old friend.






2 responses to “fallen friend”

  1. fullcoupe Avatar

    RIP…I loved that dog. Hope you feel better man…

  2. David Nguyen Avatar

    Hey tim, im sorry about your loss.
    I can feel your pain man, Ive been there a few times well not about a dog but
    with someone who i loved alot a cared for, which is pretty much similar.
    Idk man i feel a big stab through my chest when i was reading this post.
    My girfriend said sorry about your loss also and cheer up dude.
    stay up tim.

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