Halloween Touge

Today we went out to Julian for some scenic touge driving. The roads were ok, but there were so many issues we had along the way. First thing was, when I was driving into the parking structure for the meet up, I hit the curb and popped a tire. Luckily, I had my jack and just swapped in the spare. Note my spare is a full sized wheel and tire, not that donut BS. Then we hit the route. In less than a minute on the road, we had to pull over because mattszenki’s MAF sensor fell out. As we progressed through the route, we had to pull over several times due to: someone fell behind, we missed the turn, someone overheated. We hit traffic a couple times, but no biggie. We did encounter a truck who spewed pollution like no other, constant black smoke pouring out of the the exhaust. So fools had their windows opened breathing all the toxic fumes in. But it was a good time, people had fun, I…meh….followed the slowest S-13 in my entire life. Lolz.



Here everyone is in Julian.



Eating pie. Mmm Apple Crumb Pie.







Just taking some pictures. Not a photo shoot or anything.


Waiting for the stragglers


Nice scenery



Picture of the Day here below: Click for large


I know its ghosting a bit, but I’m too lazy to fix it.

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