3-D Design Project: Object Transformation

So I’ve had three weeks to do this design project. I finish it last night. Guess when I started? Haha. Spent most of the day doing it, mostly waiting around for the paint to dry. Alot longer than I expected since I usually do my painting in the sun and everything dries it half the time.

So the basis of the project was to take either a phone or a shoe and make it into something else. I just grabbed my recently discarded RAZR.


This was the original sketch and design.


Stuff laid out.


Painted Ghost in the Shell Figure that came with my Tachicoma model.


Playing with my dog while waiting


Painted the phone the same color so everything would be matching


Decided to use the figure and have wires pulling it toward the phone like a creature pulling in its prey



Dog again


Painted a box also


Now I can use the play on words : “Cell phone” or “More bars in more places”


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