There’s is a weekly meet at IKEA every Saturday. I don’t usually go because its kind of far and really a on/off thing. So far every time I go its pretty good. This week they were going out to laser tag, I decided to make it out. Even though I really should have done homework…like two weeks worth…that I should be doing right now…but instead blogging. XD

Video of last night. Sorry for the horrible video quality, lack of effort in editing, overall crap, and everything else. I really didn’t bother making it to presentable because I just have my point and shoot and wanted to take some pictures of the fireworks (yes, our meets have fireworks, its mad JDM yo).

If you couldn’t tell what the were doing around my car, they were putting on some “ricer” crap. Like this:


CRVs totally have SOHC and VTEC because D15s can pull like 3500lbs.

IMG_7245Richzilla’s new logo, the bleeding panda

IMG_7247Nothing says JDM like a drift charm, what’s more is that its a Scion TC, because those are so well known for their drift spec. Lol.

IMG_7248There we have. Insta-rice. ^^d

I’m not sure how long I’m gonna keep that crap on my car. Maybe until a big show…oh waits that’s this Saturday…Pann Auto’s BBQ then Caravan up to NWP meet at Eibach.

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