If you haven’t noticed, the site is different. Ooo ahh. And for those who recognize the design from “The Chronicles”, I’m pretty sure why I’m using and why my cousin (stickydiljoe) used it is because the frame is wider so we can put larger pictures for you guys.

Plus I did a little redesign on the logo, but I plan to add to it some more and tweak around. And the little tags I put on stuff now is just something I decided to pop in. Notice how its,, or That is because my interests are a way of life. Its not just “Oh that’s snazzy, I think I’ll just piggyback this fad.” No, I do things because I like to, and don’t plan to change them just to be accepted. A little bit of drama on my forum (SDRev) that’s kind of irritating me these days about people being “ricers” or w/e. One thing I heard from Phase2xDoods (w/e they’re called now) is “We’ll just keep doing our thing and you just keep doing your own thing.” Or something along those lines. I feel that is very true and regardless of how some people disagree with their styles, pretty much every single one of them have had a big feature in big magazines. “Take that society.”

Moving on, I did a little comic about 10 minutes ago. I thought it might be a fun thing to do. Probably have more in the future. Enjoy. Btw its not funny. Its terrible.

img003 copy

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