Bumper Redesign

Finally got around to working on that bumper today. Still collecting some parts, but I post once I’m done.


Here’s the bumper. That damage has been bugging me for a while now. I wanted to get it fixed, but remembered I’m poor. Soo. I got this bumper from my buddy for free…sort of. I took some pictures for him, so I guess that’s a good trade.


This is after I cleaned it up and sanded the whole thing by hand. To tell you the truth, I got lazy and just sanded it really fast. Had to remove an impossible sticker and got irritated after that.


Looks really bad because I went ahead and painted and then start the clear coat and stopped half way to take this picture. XD Oh well. It won’t matter much after I finish with it.

Hopefully I get all the stuff I need by next week and I’ll be done.






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