San Diego Comic Con International 2009: Sunday

Whew. Last of Comic Con is over. I was pretty disappointed in Comic Con this year, but what can you do. Here’s the last day, and after I get around to it, probably Tuesday when I get back from LA, I’ll have a post Con entry containing the aftermath, and the merchandise haul I brought this year. Probably racked up around $500 or so. Would have bought more if there were more of the stuff I was looking for. Mostly started just buying stuff because I was bored and had money.


Kotobukiya’s R2. kotobukiya is awesome btw. Love their stuff.


What’s a timscribbles post without a car?…a nerd post…that’s what it would be. XP




Con is over and the Heroes Cubes are still roaming around. I’ll post up what I got from Con this year on Tuesday.

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