JDM Unlimited 4th Annual Meet

Covered the JDM Unlimited Meet. It was a pretty good turn out. I wasn’t expecting too much, but it was pretty big. No cops bugged us, but people were being dumbasses as usual. Flying through the street as if they were only car there that could do that. “Ya bro, check out my VTEC! I bet no one has ever heard something as badass as VTEC!” And at usual, some moron flys out to the main road and floors its and a cop catches them, pops their hood, and they sit there embarrassed as usual. Other than that, free food, cool cars, fun times. Didn’t find anything AMAZING to take pictures of so I pretty much just hung out and chilled.




^^^Richzilla REQUESTED I shoot his car at least once.



That looked pretty good. The composition of the stickers wasn’t great, but I liked the concept.

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