Inline4 Coverage July 12, 2009: Part One

Alright, after a full day yesterday I went home edited and upload photos. Just as I was about to crash, I was insisted to fill an empty spot on a team for Left 4 Dead. Even though I was tired as hell, I played and finally crashed at 2AM or so. Woke up at 6AM to my phone ringin gand got ready to head out to LA for the big meet. Apparently, we were the first ones there even though we were only 30 minutes early. They were not letting people in yet so we had to park outside on the curb and wait. 9AM was the roll in, but we didn’t roll in until like 9:40AM. Irritated, but whatever. So everyone rolled in and started to walk around. After a few hours, Garden Grove Police showed up and walked around and talked to the organizers and what not. After maybe 30 minutes, they left, however they returned after a hour or so and told Inline that they needed to shut it down. I was like “what the hell? shouldn’t they have a permit to do this? cuz if they don’t, that’s a lack of organization on their part.” Seriously, vendors and tuners came out to support this and you’d think they’d at least get the organizing correct. I was rather bored at the meet and just sat around and drank milk tea, but still. Anyways, here’s some of the pictures I took while I was there. Enjoy. By the way, since I’m not at home right now, I just used some random font instead of my neon logo watermark.


There’s darkstorm/fullcoupe and my car. Not gonna whore out my car since its really not that great and its rather pathetic to whore your own car.




I really liked the color on this Prelude. Deep and rich.


I thought this was pretty cool since you don’t really see too many RHD Preludes.



Couple of nice hatchies.


Mad JDM yo. Lol.


Enjoying the shade while it lasted. Then te sun came above us. Burning hot.




Ooo a racecar! XD


The sickest Element ever.



Spoon S2000



I am entitled to at least one wheel whore shot. XP


Nice little EF sitting there.


ITB woot!


The only thing I really liked was the Mugen Air Intake.


the signature timscribbles Recaro Seat shot


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