Downtown San Diego Shoot

Richzilla wanted to do a shoot with me last, but we never got around to it, so we just made it open shoot today. Couple of people came out, had some fun, took some pictures. Fun times.

IMG_2750Aok_Srt4 with his Tentacle Sex shirt. Hahaha XD Right next to my Itasha CRV Konata


Standard Cleaning Before a shoot


IMG_2770Totally not a wheel shot XP

IMG_2773IMG_2774IMG_2776IMG_2777IMG_2786IMG_2789Drift Spec again XD

IMG_2791Parallel Drift!! Initial D style!

IMG_2795A real meet with real strippers! Pics or GTFO right?

IMG_2802Look how proud this fool is? Hehe.

IMG_2804IMG_2818SDDT is where its at!

IMG_2827Coronado Bridge

IMG_2828Grabbing Planes. The Usual.

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