Salvation Mountain

Well my parents wanted to go out to El Centro to this remote place with this “mountain”. So I didn’t have anything better to do, I went along. Wow…a 3 hour drive to the middle of nowhere for a 15minute stop looking at this pile of “artistic” junkyard. Its was cool in a sense, having a wild painting spree on everything, but just because one puts “Jesus” and “God” over everything doesn’t exactly say “Christianity”. There was random versus written on the mountains and walls, but in its entirety, it was actually getting creepy after while. Like there were like “shrines” in the caves and like little “hideouts” with windows. Idk. Pretty crazy place. Funny thing was that all the cars were domestics and the only running car was the Camry which the guy drove off in after like 1 minute we were there. What proves my point even more is that all the cars there were also imports. 😛 haha America. Lmao.







2 responses to “Salvation Mountain”

  1. gil Avatar

    Well, 3 hour drive ftl.
    but you have to appreciate this “shrine” in the middle of the desert. it’s kinda like seeing how 3rd world countries find any way possible to worship God, at least you get a feel for it. I didn’t even know much about this before the blog.

  2. Dalon Avatar

    crazy place. thanks for sharing, tim. i heard about this place a while ago through a cd by third day.
    – pd

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