Eibach Coverage: Part One

Ok, Eibach. Yay…Its was ok…but short lived imo. Its was cool. I love Hondas/Acuras, I like tuner cars and what not, but there only so much one can take…Non stop EGs, EJs, APs, DCs, and DAs. Way too popular. The nonstop sound of VTEC and exhaust. Jeez ppl chill out, we all know you have VTEC, NO ONE CARES! You are one of the 500 Hondas there dude. Anyways, I went up to LA yesterday afternoon after cleaning up my Teg and I crashed at my cousins (stickydiljoe fyi). I planned on crashing early so I could get up early the next day, but apparently stayed up finishing my anime series (Ga-Rei Zero for those who are curious) and playing Street Fighter 4. I got up around 6 and headed out at about 6:30 after doing the laying awake in bed crap because I was lazy. 😛

The lot below was completely empty when we first arrived. Everyone was just lining up confused to where to go regardless of whether you were VIP, Booth, or guest. So I decided to be the smart person and parked there with my “caravan”. After a few minutes everyone started parking there. Meaning if you parked there, its because I let you. Lol. No, I’m kidding. I decided instead of walking around everytime a new car came in, I would wait for everyone to park and then take my time walking through the whole in one swoop. So I went to sleep in my car and woke to a full lot. Crazy. BTW, the teg right there in mine…the black one…

IMG_2364IMG_2365Just one of the 3 lines of cars waiting to get in.

IMG_2367This is way later. Like 3 hourse after I got there. Meaning after I woke up. 😛

IMG_2368Yay, Doods…Phase2…whatever you call them now…

IMG_2369IMG_2370IMG_2371Cops as usual. Pulling people over and whatever. Too bad they can’t go inside. Suckers.


IMG_2373I spy something that doesn’t belong!

IMG_2374I don’t what to say about this one…


Just so we’re clear, this a coverage. Not a photo shoot. Just because I didn’t make them all artsy and stuff, don’t go calling me a bad photographer. Its simply photojourlism. Part 2…3…4….another huge batch coming up.

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