Hot Import Nights Coverage: Part One

Hey guys, it going to take some time to get all the photos up, but I’ll get around to finishing it all up within the weekend. Its getting late and I have to get up for Cars and Coffee in the morning.

We met up with some guys from SDRev in the morning at North County Fair. This is Jon B.’s STI up there.


Only four cars showed up.


We were stuck on the ramp to the 78 from the 15 for half an hour because some idiot decide to crash into the barrels on the divider.

img_1427img_1430When we finally got there, it was 2:30 or so and we just sat around watching the drifting of amateurs. At about 3:30, we headed over to the line which stretched quite a while.


When we got in, first thing I saw was KITT. Yes, go knight rider!


Ooo pretty.

img_1442 Are one of these really necessary? I mean who will ever race this?

img_1445-copyLambo doors. So over done, even Lambos don’t have them.


Wow. Really? Really?!

img_1460Great…even more of them.


img_1463img_1465img_1466Look at the size of that!

img_1470Pretty Red.

img_1471S2000s are always nice.


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