Saturday Shoot

I got up to a sunny Saturday and then went to eat. Got home, still sunny out. Then met up with my crew and started down the 5. Within minutes, the sky was black and I had to switch glasses. I mean really ridiculous. My usual empty lot was completely filled with people. I couldn’t find any of the drivers that I was supposed to meet up with besides one who broke down after half a run on a moutain. It was simply full of problems. I got some filming done I guess. Not really satisfied at all. But here are some pictures we got, since we were sitting around bored. 😛


Get yours today!!! Lol.IMG_2299

Random open parts: Door hood hatchIMG_2305

Look at the shiny polish.IMG_2306

sitting around while the 240 was down

IMG_2294Darkstormcr was playing with my camera so i guess this is supposed to be artistic. 😛