Symbolic Motors Open House

Words by Matt Willis

A couple weekends ago, Symbolic Motors, local to us here in San Diego, hosted a small “Cars and Coffee”-like gathering and open house at their service facility in the Sorrento Valley. Symbolic, whose headquarters and showroom are located in La Jolla, have been around for some time now and are considered one of the flagship dealers for high-end and exotic vehicles in Southern California. That being said, I had no doubt in my mind that this event was going to have a drab turnout…



The lot itself wasn’t huge by any means. There were a fair amount of people present, and cars continued to cycle in and out throughout the morning.



Just as I arrived and began shooting, this classic Lamborghini Countach rolled in…


This Lamborghini Gallardo has popped up at several local meets.


Couple of Porsches…


I’m a Porsche fan, but I’ve never taken any interest in the 914 – mostly because they’re boring and not very aesthetically pleasing. This one, however…well, I noticed I had a pulse when shooting it. Something about the graphite color, body work and overall attention to detail that made it stand out more than your average 914.


Topless Lamborghini Murcielago set up next to its successor, the Aventador.


Lamborghini Diablo.


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Bugatti Veyron 16.4.


I’ve seen the Veyron a few of times now, and each time I do I dislike it more and more. I can appreciate it’s purpose in engineering, but other than that it’s a really ugly looking car. Especially for the grandiose price tag…






This Audi wagon was new to my eyes, and looked great all around. The bronze-copper wheels really set it off.


One of my personal favorites from Lamborghini, the recently facelifted Gallardo Superleggera.


NA1 NSX that we see around San Diego all the time…


Lotus Elise with a beautiful and aggressive aerodynamics…


The Countach from before…


The Countach looks great from the front, but from the back is a little bit zealous. But we’re talking about Lamborghini, and it was made a few decades ago…before I was even alive. So who am I to talk…


My one (and only) favorite thing about the Countach are the wheels…


BMW M5 and another Lamborghini Gallardo…


At the back of the facility, I came across this rusty Fiat 600…


Corvette Stingray…



The car that got the most attention was this Ferrari F50, parked front-and-center…


Overall…a great event with awesome cars. Met a few new photographers and and talked with the owners of some of the cars, which is always refreshing and insightful. Looking forward to another gathering here soon!

Thanks for reading. – Matt