The “About” page.  The one thing very essential to every website as it tells everyone what the site is about and some things about the people who run it. I like to read about pages because it tells you who is behind the camera and words so you get to know the person behind it all.


Timscribbles.com was started in February of 2009 by Tim Wong in the hopes of creating a blog that covered events in Southern California through photography. When the site off, the main field of expansion was the very non-commercial car scene where it was just the local community of automotive enthusiasts. As time progressed, content expanded into the rich culture of the greater car scene of Southern California with the big commercial events. Although the majority of content were automotive related, popular culture such as music and art was also covered. In addition, the blog also brought to light other cultures and scenes to an international scale. Even now, the blog continues to show our personal experiences and adventures. We are petrol heads by heart and present it through our craft of photography.


Passion for Cars:

Cars are such a big part of our lives in California and if you’re like me, you keep a car for over a decade. So I’d want a car I’m happy to see every day. When I’m looking for a car, I seek  a car with character. Cars built with ambition and passion are what gives cars a certain uniqueness that you can’t find in others. Cars like the muscle cars of the 60’s were that were made by the American people and built for the American people. The simplicity of a big roaring V8 is very similar to classic rock and roll days in such that they are made with raw passion and feeling. It’s that feeling you get looking at a car, the feeling you get sitting in a car, and the greatest feeling of driving a car.

Cars have always been an interest of mine. When I was younger, cars like the Mazda Miata, Dodge Viper, and Honda S2000 had my attention. My family is most definitely a Honda family so when I was growing up, my parents had an 88′ Honda Accord (pop up lights!) and a 92′ Honda Civic hatchback. As expected, I got a Honda as my first car and I still have one today. The thing about the Honda scene is that it is such a grassroots culture and the community is wide and diverse. They are popular for good reasons: cheap to buy, cheap to build, and cheap to maintain.

My cars have always have been built with a sense of practicality and function in mind. Sure having an insane track monster or a flawless garage queen in nice, but I’d be worrying about this or that all the time. It has been said that cars are an extension of one’s personality and a reflection of one’s self which I feel is very true. When I finally drive my car, I want to just enjoy the drive without needing to mind the pot holes or worrying about scratching the paint. Just enjoy the moment of hearing the engine and cruising the roads.

Dream Cars:  69 Mustang Boss 429 | Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

Passion for Photography:

Photography has become something very dominate in my life because the magic is to be able to capture fleeting moments in your life and sometimes other people’s lives. A picture is essentially forever and captures so much that other mediums just can’t. Being a “right now” kind of person, I could really venture into many ideas and concepts I think about consistently.

Photography wasn’t something I had in mind until just a few years ago. I never particularly liked  having my picture taken aside from candids. It wasn’t until 2006 I actually finally bought a digital camera (it was a Casio Exilim) and I became immersed in the concept snapping random pictures. Just the documenting of vacation trips and having something to bring home is something to be excited about. In 2008, I picked up a DSLR which happen to be a Canon XTi which was a decent camera to get me started. I never pictured myself as one of those people who wanted to be the star of the picture, but rather the person behind the lens chasing action and immortalizing great moments.

Camera Gear:

Canon 5DMKII | Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM | Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM | Canon Speedlite 580EX II | Alien Bees B1600 (2)

Tim’s Links
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Passion for Cars:

For me, cars have always been about pushing the limits of engineering and design; the so-called “pursuit” to build it bigger and better. Getting the engine to rev just a little bit higher; the tires to grip just a little bit longer; the lap time reduced by just a few tenths of a second — I like to see that evolution, and that passion for moving forward in the automotive world. I think it’s something that will never go away. I believe one of the major factors in keeping that passion alive is racing and motorsports – also one of the main reasons I became interested in cars. Without motorsports, I think we would witness a dramatic decline in the aftermarket sales and performance vehicles, simply because there is nothing more for the end users to strive for. Nothing for a kid to look up to…

First and foremost, a car that I own has to be fun to drive. That usually entails a gasoline engine, a  manual transmission and at least three digits worth of horsepower. I could not stand waking up at 5 in the morning for work every day and hopping into an automatic Toyota Prius. I would fall asleep during the commute. At the same time, I’m not a millionaire so I often find myself looking for a cheap deal. Reliability is also key; I own two Hondas currently for that very reason. My Civic’s original motor (1.5L SOHC) had 300,000 miles on it and it still ran like it was new. Ultimately, I love “driver’s” cars. Cars that are fun to drive through the canyons and on the track. I guess that’s why I’m a big Porsche fan…who knows, maybe I’ll find myself owning one later in life.

That Civic is now more of a project/track car for me. I put more money into it than I would have ever imagined, and in some cases I do regret that. I take it out on weekends and try to get seat time in at various tracks around southern California. It’s a rewarding, trusting feeling to know that what you built holds up to the extremes of high energy driving. I’ll keep driving it until my experience demands more from the car (right now, it’s the other way around), and I suppose eventually I’ll get something else to satisfy the need. I have a 2001 Acura Integra GSR that gets the groceries and does my travels.

I follow the trends and see what’s going around in the automotive scene. I see all the hella-flush, all the VIP, all the race cars and all the JDM business. It’s all the same, really. Ten years ago it was all about flashy shit that we now laugh at when watching another re-airing of the Fast and the Furious. The only thing the really irks me is when people modify their cars to the extent of it damaging the car or becoming unsafe; that’s just plain moronic. But otherwise, the car should fit the owner and what that owner wants to do with it.

Dream Cars:  Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (V2-997) | BMW M3 GT2 ALMS-spec

Passion for Photography:

Photography is really just something I do on the side. I enjoy it, just as I do writing. I started by just taking pictures on various travels, and then eventually I began expanding my horizons to covering automotive-related events (most of which ends up here). There’s a certain reward in it, I suppose. There’s always that one shot in the basket that really makes it worthwhile.

I got familiar with SLRs through my father’s Canon EOS 650 and EOS 20D as I grew up. The digital revolution and the post-processing era really has made photography an easily adoptable hobby and I think that’s great.

I still love taking photos of new places (wherever I may be), and I’d like to get into aviation photography in the future.

Camera Gear:

Canon 5D Mark II | EF 16-35mm f/2.8 USM | EF 24-105mm f/4 USM IS | EF 70-300mm f/4 USM IS | Canon Speedlite 580EX II | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

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