Clipping Points: A New Formula

We are always striving to create new, more interesting content for the site to keep things fresh and set us apart from the sea of other automotive blogs around. Even though we are constantly posting content from the automotive industry and car scene around us, we try to make each post unique to this blog and have the highest standard for quality and form.

The concept of Clipping Points has been in the making for a couple years now, but we have constantly been reforming and refining the idea to create something completely new and good enough to present. The idea is to create a more regular series that covers many topics such as current automotive news, trends, and many other things. So we decide to make the main series as Clipping Points and separate our topics by subcategories with more specific things.

One of these will be the Hypothetical Garage which will feature cars past, present, and future that we may be currently thinking about. In that sense, most car enthusiasts are constantly thinking about cars that would be cool to own, modify and/or drive around so we thought it’d be fun to have a series talking about those cars. This will also allow us to feature all kinds of cars and bring to light some cool things not everyone may be aware of.

The other will be You Auto Know. This will cover some cars over the years that we think have been underrated and overlooked while other cars have claimed favoritism among the people. We will talk about why these cars may have not worked so well, and what we felt made them underrated.

For the moment, these two will be the main subcategories for Clipping Points. We may add more later on if we stumble upon cool and unique ideas. Until then, we would love to hear feedback about this new series whether it be ideas to improve or add upon. In addition, these posts will occasionally have news and updates about the Timscribbles site. Even though we have a Facebook page that we use for most news and an Instagram for live updates, we know not everyone receives those feeds so we are going to throw a couple important updates in to our posts.

Most recently, we’ve created a print store to sell photographic prints and posters of our images. If you’ve been interested in buying a print of something seen on this site or on Facebook, you can find them in the store or email us a link of the image and we can make the image available in the store. This store helps fund our trips and the site so thank you for the support.