BBQ Chicken

I never do food reviews since they aren’t all that interesting and this isn’t Yelp, but this place in particular I went to tonight was just plain pathetic. My judgment on Korean places is really prejudice, but justified. Every Korean place I go to is terrible with service. They just don’t know how to run a business. They are always slow in serving food, they never do simple things like refills unless asked, and they are usually pretty racist toward non Koreans.

My first time going to a Korean BBQ place, I thought would be fun since I hear great things about Korean BBQ. During the meal, they are supposed to bring three trays of meat out at a time, but kept giving us two or one and then giving us the wrong orders. Another thing was they served trays that had already been served out. That’s outrageous and disgusting. Normal restaurants, if they were slacking on service, you just ask, but these waitresses were no where to be found. Then after we paid, they’d actually dared to ask us for more tip. I was like GTFO.

This particular place, BBQ Chicken, was slow, and I mean GLACIAL. We arrived around 7:10PM and first thing was they ran out of menus and the place was not even 50% full. How do you run out of menus? You should at least have the number of seats. Then ordering took forever. Maybe 15 minutes until we got someone to our table. They had these little buttons to push for service, but everyone was tapping these suckers.

After we ordered, we sat around until 7:45 until we even got a freaking drink. That’s something that should be served within 5 minutes after ordering. First I noticed when they brought out the drinks was that they were only filled to the halfway mark. Seriously? You’re going to cheap out on some freaking water. At about 7:55 we got an appetizer…while people who got there after us already had food if not finished eating. They just happened to be Korean…

This wasn’t too bad. Korean food hasn’t really disappointed like the service.

Their original chicken is pretty good. It does kind of give you a heart attack though, and I used to eat KFC all the time.

Their sweet and spicy chicken isn’t really worth getting.

The entire time we were there, I saw just one girl running around working the whole floor and occasionally one guy coming out and bringing food. If you can’t handle a restaurant with < 50% capacity, HIRE ANOTHER FREAKING WORKER! I saw like 5-6 guys when I walked in and I assumed they were working in the back cooking. Come on people, get it together. No plans to return there anytime soon. This place certainly did not change my mind about Korean places, if anything they proved my point.

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