Nisei Car Show 2010 Coverage

This is it. The final Nisei car show (supposedly). I arrived at Nisei with my usual high expectations which was as usual somewhat less satisfying as I would have liked. The show was good with its usual quality builds and solid attendance. For what I got from my personal attendance, due to the fact it being the last Nisei, in addition to the usual cars at every other show, there was many unfinished rides there (meaning below show quality). It seemed they rushed and just really wanted to say they showed at at least one Nisei show.

Aside from that, I got really bored of the show rather quickly. I walk through about half the show and thought “I’m getting sick of this show”. Not because there was a lack of quality, but because it was the SAME cars I’ve been seeing at all the shows this year and the ones from last year. By saying the “same cars”, I don’t mean same car and same owner, but I mean the cars have nothing new from the year before. Yes, I get that people “finish” their cars one year and show it at every show for that year which is fine with me, but imagine a car magazine showing the same features every year. Really boring, right?

There were a few cars I haven’t seen before and cars I have seen a few times and didn’t mind seeing it again with some more detail. All in all, Nisei had its usual quality builds and some miscellaneous builds.


Mike’s TL. I walked by it thinking it was his, but he’s done quite a bit of changes since I last saw it so I’m was rather unsure until I saw the name on the info sheet. I don’t know if I like it more than before, but I certainly don’t dislike what he’s done. Still looks like a nice VIP car.



Alot of hoods.


One of those cars that’s always changing and don’t mind seeing more often.







I don’t really “get” the boobies on the fairing. It takes away from the car if anything. This is one of those cars I think would look really nice if they had less stuff going on; such as the roof rack, the random wheel, etc.










I very much approve of this Accord. One of the better ones I have seen.


Very nice Insight. Definitely reminds of when I was in Japan checking out cars.


To be honest, I used to absolutely hate these Accord wagons. The 5th gen Accord wagons were fine with me, but I just thought these were hideous…that was until I saw this one. Its really one of those things that you just have to see to like it.


In today’s “new cars”, I find it difficult to find a car that doesn’t look hideous and start looking at old cars because the new ones just looks ridiculous (I’m looking right at Honda). This new Volkswagon CC is the rare few I would consider picking up. I’m pretty much one of those people who just once you see it, you like. End of story.