Summer in LA

So I’m probably going to be in LA rather frequently this summer because I’m taking classes at Gnomen School er w/e in Beverly Hills (rich ppl, sigh…lol.). This past week I was just sitting there with nothing to do since I dropped my class at PCC, so I just hung out with stickydiljoe.

In other news, I have moved over the Flickr which I should have done a while back, but I’m lazy. And what’s more I have plans on changing the format of this site. I’m not sure what yet, but it will be up sometime. Trying to make the site wider so I can make the pictures bigger. For now, try clicking on them and the go big. WOW! Too bad I’m too lazy to do all of the right now. so you’ll just have to suffer for a while or just look at my Flickr. :/

So here’s some stuff for you to enjoy. BTW the first is SDDT. The rest is LA.





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