Graphic Design

I’m pretty sure no one knows I do this, but I tend to find other peoples works and attempt to replicate it because they’re cool and I try to figure it out, but I obviously put my own style and spin on it. Otherwise, it would be boring. You might as well have just put whenever you want in to a template that does it for you.

Here’s some examples:

Desktop Background copy

This one is just a copy of the background font style. I didn’t do the brushes and crap in the back. And the little cartoon version of me was done by a friend of mine.haruhiwlltimscribbleslogo copy - 48623 hirasawa_yui k-on!

This one had a bit more of a difficult time with because of the font style of the first one. It was really thin so I couldn’t tell if it was hollow or just super thin, so I just made it hollow. As you can tell, this style is my currentwater mark, but I might change it later on, knowing me.intro copy

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